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These references are in addition to those that are in the Research Kitchen.

Finding useful resources and advice is often a matter of taste but not thinking about your writing or working to improve it is not an option if you want to complete your research apprenticeship. The links are to the Amazon copy of the book. You can get a sense of the style and approach by reading a sample of what is on offer. Google books is another source of the text as well to give you a sense of the approach and style. The Wallace and Wray text is available for download.

In many respects, your accounts of your research is not far removed from telling a good story. This collection of advice is useful in that respect.

The first two are favourites of mine.

Becker, H. S., & Richards, P. (2007). Writing for social scientists : how to start and finish your thesis, book, or article (2nd ed.). Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Klinkenborg, V. (2012). Several short sentences about writing (1st ed.). New York: Alfred A. Knopf.

Sword, H. (2016). The writer's diet : a guide to fit prose. Chicago ; London: University of Chicago Press.

Thomson, P., & Kamler, B. (2016). Detox your writing: a source book for doctoral researchers. London: Routledge.

Wallace, M., & Wray, A. (2016). Critical reading and writing for postgraduates. Los Angeles: Sage, retrieved from here.

The next two available for electronic loan from the library:
Kamler, B., & Thomson, P. (2014). Helping doctoral students write: strategies for supervision. Abingdon, England;New York, New York;: Routledge.

Thomson, P., & Kamler, B. (2013). Writing for peer reviewed journals: strategies for getting published. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis.

A colleague who is about to ramp up her publishing effort quite liked this video.

If you have suggestions for sites, links, references you have found useful then pop them in here with a commentary if possible.

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