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A sentiment which is echoed in the final link on this page.

There are different purposes to which writing can be put:

There are some notes about writing in the Research Kitchen.

Reflections on reflective writing

There is a staggering set of resources for helping with writing. I have found some of this collection useful.

One of the common characteristics of folk who write well is that they write regularly, daily and often have a target number of words. How different people write is always a matter of secret academic business, i.e. practices that no one else gets to see. The nearest you can get to what other folk do when they write is read about their routines, habits, tricks and kludges and hope they reflect something of what goes on.

This short piece by Jenny Davidson1 is about the eloqence of some sentences. Good writing for any purpose is still good writing. Learning from folk who write for other purposes is as useful as reading guides on how to write for academic purposes.

How different people actually write is not often shared. This piece is a useful account that reflects an approach to writing that is popular with a number of writers.

And then read this brief piece if all you need is a nudge to begin pressing keys of making marks on paper.

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