I am new at this and not really sure how everything works #KML

As I am only in my second trimester I've started to learn that looking ahead helps one to roadmap the potential pitfalls especially as I work fulltime and fit my studies around my work/family and 'social' time. I see for this subject that there's heaps to learn and read up on in terms of blogging etc, this is something, I'd love to learn how do effectively for my work but not really sure how to engage in this area for studies. Perhaps because my education has been through a very formal process, I am a little apprehensive as to how I will seamlessly engage with this medium for study.

OOops so I posted or saved this thing and realised I hadn't given my name… so I guess I should say my name (because I am old school and this is actually the polite thing to do), but I don't want to give my name in case it shows what an old fart I am (LOL keeping up with the …) and everyone else is using an alias so, I guess I'll just give a descriptor of sorts… so my name is OZEKVT

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