Notes for each week

Before each week we will put up notes for the resources chosen to inform the theme of that week.

We have a set of readings from which we have drawn, we will likely alter some of these as the course plays out to better meet your needs and interests.

Block 1

Week 1 Prologue, interlogue, dialogue: why you want to be an academic or do you?

Week 2 Blogging and academic practice; writing reflectively (The Neoliberal University: Academic career in a time increasing precarity)

Week 3 Current issues and trends in the higher education sector in Australia (What's at stake in the Australian Higher Education Landscape?)

Block 2

Week 4 Constructing a digital profile and academic blogging

Week 5 Sociable scholarship (The 101 guide to raising the profile of your research)

Week 6 Computational social science (Developing academic identities in multiple professional locations and contexts)

Block 3

Week 7 Thinking about your research (Developing a defiant research imagination)

Week 8 Not quite a reading free week: for revision, catch-up and/or consolidation

Week 9 Mapping the intellectual terrain: journals, conferences, key sites, influential players.

Block 4

Week 10 Mapping your draft paper

Week 11 The activist and scholar

Week 12 Making good career decisions. Feedback on draft working papers.

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