Notes for week 9

There are two readings for this week. One will give you a somewhat gentle introduction to performative thinking about research methods as well as adding to your thinking about origins from the previous week.

Law, J., Savage, M., & Ruppert, E. (2011). The Double Social Life of Methods. Working Paper No. 95. Retrieved from

This is a paper that is probably best skimmed first to get some sense of where it is going and then to go over the argument carefully as it is detailed.

I have made some notes here for some things you may want to consider.

The 2nd is a short blog post by Jonathan O'Donnell on Mixed-up Methods. It's a useful post that will help you avoid the small trap of using mixed methods as a method! It's really being careful to describe what was done. If a survey was followed by in-depth interviews then that's how to report it. The shorthand while in common use is unhelpful.

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