Notes for week 7

The aspect of academic practice that looms large for you in this degree is that of research. How you think about and understand your own research is something that will continue to consume a good deal of your thinking time. We will over the coming weeks focus in on various ways to think about your research. This is an introduction to this work.

There are some things to read on the thinking about your research page. They are intended to help you begin to explore two origin stories or histories: that of the phenomenon you are researching and that of the ways in which it has been researched. These two stories may well overlap. Once you have something of a map of both, you'll be well placed to look at the more scholarly and research recent work, commonly labelled the literature review1.

That is where this is headed. We will get to the origin stories over the next few weeks. For this week, take some time to read the various pieces and watch the video. And, as always, keep your notebook handy.

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