Notes for week 5

There are a couple of readings for this week. Main thing is to take from them what is useful for your personal professional circumstances.

Pausé, C., & Russell, D. (2016). Sociable scholarship: The use of social media in the 21st century academy. Journal of Applied Social Theory 1(1). Retrieved from here.

It is from the first issue of new journal, The Journal of Applied Social Theory. The journal is open source. The theme of this issue is theorising digital scholarship.

It is a good illustration of scholars exploring this mode of communication drawing upon their intellectual background and reflecting upon how their practices have changed and developed.

There will be terms that are likely unfamiliar to you in this paper. What do you do when you come across such terms? What tactics do you employ when you read a paper? What do you do with any of the note you make? I'm gesturing here to a couple of sub-themes we will take some thinking about: curation and reading.

An additional read about the use of Twitter and academic practices: Veletsianos, G. (2012). Higher education scholars' participation and practices on Twitter. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 28(4), 336-349. Available from here.

There is a more recent study reported by the same author: Veletsianos, G., & Kimmons, R. (2016). Scholars in an increasingly open and digital world: How do education professors and students use Twitter? The Internet and Higher Education, 30, 1-10. Available from here.

And there is a useful piece1 on reputation work by Hazel Ferguson is worth a read.

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