Things to do in week 9

The work associated with mapping the intellectual terrain of interest to you: journals, conferences, key sites, influential players, etc. is never ending. You will have begun to make some progress in this respect. This work will continue throughout your research apprenticeship. A key skill in doing this work is being able to find and locate sites, journals, conferences and players.

The ease with which Google and other search engines can deliver results can lead us to think that we have the instance map maker at our fingertips. The problem is that some parts of the terrain we think we are mapping may not be amenable to routine searching with commonly used key phrases. This is where having others tell you about developments and key resources comes in handy, i.e. following folk on Twitter and keeping an eye on key bloggers you have come across.

So this week one of the sub-themes is on revisiting your search skills and habits. From this page there are a set of notes to work through. It will serve as a useful input for your 2nd task as you review your digital habits and skills as well as progress towards mapping your intellectual terrain.

The other sub-theme is concerned with further thinking about methods. There is one paper and a blog post to read and reflect on.

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