Things to do in week 8

The two sub-themes this week are beginning to trace the origins of your research and adding Google's ngram viewer to your digital repertoire.

If you are familiar with ngram viewer that's fine. The link has notes and examples of how it is used. Take some time to try out some of the phrases associated with your research agenda. You can compare three or more phrases. It will help give you some sense of when these terms first came into usage, at least in books, and should be useful as you work on the other sub-theme, tracing origins. There is only light reading this week because you will have to do quite a bit of sleuthing re the origins of your research. This is research work. If you stumble on what you think is a good resource, i.e. other than those suggested then please share via Slack. Sharing your sleuthing thinking on Slack will also be supportive of your colleagues.

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