Things to do in week 5

I want to try and run two sub-themes in each week, one that relates to what you might call routine academic practice, i.e. what all academics/would-be researchers do for a good portion of their time, and exploring and developing what I have dubbed digital habits.

The two foci this week are writing, for the first sub-theme and Twitter for the second sub-theme.

There are notes for both of these sub-themes on the Wiki and I'd encourage you to go through what is there. There is a couple of readings for this week which draws the two sub-themes together. I have added a couple of other papers that may be of interest in terms of the use of Twitter by social science academics. Main thing is to get a sense of what is paper is about, locate the key ideas and think about, via good writing in your notebooks, how this relates to your own professional practice. The landscape in which academic work is done will continue to shift as new platforms, digital devices and such appear. There is enough evidence to hand that the various forms of social media are significant here and now.

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