Things to do in week 3

Current issues and trends in the higher education sector in Australia

I'd like you to use the two readings to think about how you go about reading and making sense of publications. There are questions I have attached to each reading as clues to the way I think about this aspect of academic practice, i.e. reading new material for a purpose. You, no doubt have others. It would be good to see you post them on Slack or add them to the notes on the Wiki.

It is important to have been talking to your supervisor(s) about the piece of academic writing you will do for this course. Note that you have to be able to circulate a draft well before it is due so that your colleagues in the course can give you feedback.

The other things you ought to be exploring in terms of your particular interests are Academia, ResearchGate and, if you can dip your toe into the twittersphere, Twitter.

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