Things to do in week 12

This block, is called: Pathways, Options, The Future, a fairly ambitious cluster of ideas for anyone to consider. In many respects you have been working on future "things" throughout this course and others, i.e. you are heading towards the proposal and then the thesis after that. Given your current positions and pathways, it would be unwise to try and offer much in the way of generic advice about pathways, options and the future. I'll share some thoughts in the notes for this week. The main thing to get done this week is to share a version of your 3rd task with the group. How you do that is up to you. I am always happy to help folk if the platform they opt to use is causing problems.

When you put the document up it is important to include two things: the purpose of the document, i.e. it might be the introduction to your proposal, it might be a draft paper, it might be some other part of your proposal. It is important to indicate clearly what it is. The 2nd thing to indicate is what sort of feedback you'd like. Is there anything in particular you'd like your readers to pay attention to. When seeking feedback from colleagues at any time, this is always an important thing to do. Sure it might be just a general approach, i.e. is the paper ready to be submitted? But it might be something like: I'd like your views on the logic of the paper and in particular the use I have made of Bloggs in analysing my data.

In terms of platforms there are many options. You can post it on here, on Slack (you post a document on Slack by holding down the shift key and dragging the document into where you are typing your message. Google docs is also a useful way to get feedback, as in Dropbox papers. Keep it simple, use something you are comfortable with. I am happy to shuffle things for you or help others get access to it if there are problems.

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