Things to do in week 10

The intent of all of the coursework in the EdD is to help you work towards developing your research proposal. The 3rd task is a piece of academic writing, a draft working paper. Given the focus of this course, academic practice, and given that you all have been working on or thinking about how to frame up or introduce your proposal, my suggestion is that the working paper be a draft of your introduction. Now, that is only a suggestion but it avoids the problem of stepping into spaces where other tutors and supervisors have been advising you, i.e. with your review of the literature, your methodological thinking and matters of research design.

I am happy to negotiate any piece of writing that best suits your needs.

The readings (very short) and notes are based upon the assumption that the introduction is the working paper.

So the things to do over the next few weeks is to begin to work on your working paper. I've set up a separate channel on Slack where we can share ideas, questions and so on.

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