Things to do in week 1

There are a few things to do this week in addition to some introductory reading.

We are using two pieces of software in addition to the L@G platform: this wiki and a Slack site.

Both sites require you to set up an account in order to use them. You can read the Wiki without signing up but you will need an account in order to add and edit pages. You won't be able to use the Slack site without signing up. if you are having trouble signing on to either platform, please let Chris know.

The other thing to do is have a look around this wiki and familiarise yourself with where things are. There is more to add, it's a work in progress. It will be the hub for resources and the weekly themes of the course.

I am assuming that you are all keeping notebooks to track your work in the EdD. If you are not, then now is the chance to start. I can't emphasize enough how valuable well kept notebooks will be for you in this course but, more importantly, in completing your EdD. Whether you use digital notebooks, physical notebooks or a mix of both is really a matter of taste. You ought to carry one with you all the time. Good ideas tend to come to mind when you least expect them. :)

Information about the weekend workshop, which will be held on Saturday the 8th of July will be emailed out during the week prior.

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