Tracing origins

There are two origin stories you will need to trace, that associated with the phenomenon you are studying and that associated with the approach you plan to use to study the phenomenon. You may find these intertwined.

Here is a short account of the history of average that illustrates this point.

A much longer illustration but also an excellent illustration of this approach to the history of ideas, invention and discovery is Winston, B. (1998). Media Technology and Society. A History: From the Telegraph to the Internet. London: Routledge. The book is available for e-loan in the library.

There are a number of texts that you could use to trace the history of the broad fields that inform research and scholarship in education. The simplest outlining can be found in Wikipedia. So for example the entry labelled History of Sociology is a useful if daunting account of the various threads of theory that have emerged over time. These accounts are laced with links and if you locate a key thinker for your field of inquiry, a big name, so to speak, you'll often find listed the influences on his or her work.

The large number of labels associated with sets of ideas can be daunting.

There are some useful resources in the library that are available for loan electronically.

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