Rubrics for task 3

Part A (10% ~500 words)

  • An account of your progress to building your academic identity. It's OK to refer back to previous writing, i.e. task 1 & 2. (3 marks)
  • What has worked for you in the course and what hasn't. Not a list of everything but the one or two in either/both categories. (2 marks)
  • Your thinking behind your choice for Part B and your use of feedback from your colleagues. (5 marks)

Part B (50% ~2500 words)

You are all working on very different papers. I have tried to make these indicators more generic. In simple terms the assessment is based upon how well the draft paper meets the stated aims for the paper. All papers have a beginning which ought to help the reader anticipate what is coming as well as draw them in to want to read more. The middle part(s) ought to have a logic to them that support the argument you are making. The last part ought to draw the arguments together. The other key consideration is your audience. If part of your proposal then the approach needs to take account of the fact that the folk reading it, while experienced academics may not know a lot about your focus. If it is a paper for publication the initial audience, reviewers, will be different. They should know something of the field and so you won't need to have as much emphasis on explaining any technical complexities.

  • How well does the front of the paper (chapter) establish what the paper is about? Does the paper make the reader want to read more? (10 marks)
  • How well is the argument of the paper structured? Does the argument flow well? (15 marks)
  • How well does the paper meet the needs of its intended audience? (10 marks)
  • Does the paper draw on sufficient and appropriate references? (5 marks)
  • How well does the paper finish? (5 marks)
  • Is the paper appropriately referenced? It may be that if it is to be a journal submission that it requires something other than APA. If so please specify. (5 marks)
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