Task 2 rubrics

As was the case for the first task, the genre is a blog post so the language can be as relaxed as it was for the first writing task. You will need to cite your sources properly and APA 6 is the style the School has adopted. I hope you all have EndNote working well for you by now. let me know if you have any problems with that. Note when you end up with a URL from the GU library that is not a URL that is accessible to all. Delete it from your reference.

As was the case for the first task, it is a reflective piece of writing, allowing for the limitations noted for the first task.

This is really a piece about your progress in mapping the terrain in your field. There is the substantive field of interest and then the theory/method resources you have been thinking about. The latter may not be that well developed which is fine. The main thing is to tell your story about progress on whatever mapping you have been able to do. There ought to be something about some of: the key/influential players, journals, conferences, sites etc. It should also include an account of what you now see are the current questions in your field of interest. Now it does not mean all of these categories, simply the ones you have been exploring and paying attention to.

The other progress you can reflect on is the means you used to do/begin your mapping. Some of the questions you might engage with are: How did you locate people, sites, etc.? What did you rely on to tell you that they are important/influential? Have your digital sleuthing skills changed or are you happy with the heuristics you use to locate “stuff”? The important thing is to reflect on the way you do this work. Maybe it has changed little. Maybe the use of social media has opened up some useful lines of investigation for you.

It’s a narrative. I know working like this is rarely linear and it’s OK to indicate the jumps, changes that may have occurred. Your notebooks are invaluable for assembling this account.

There are 20 marks to be allocated.

  • An account of your mapping of your intellectual field to date. It obviously won’t be complete but some sense of what you have identified and some of the things that you believe warrant attention next. (7 marks)
  • An account of your use of whatever digital devices you used to carry out the searching. It may be a reflection on your current skills it might include you exploring some of the options like social media. (5 marks)
  • How well you structure the narrative overall. Does it flow? Is it accessible to folk who don't know your field? Is it a good blog post? (4 marks)
  • Have you used appropriate referencing materials to support the points you make in the post? Is the referencing in APA 6 style? (4 marks)

Another reminder, avoid writing in generalities and saying the obvious, i.e. I need to improve my search skills. We all need to do that! It would be better to say, I want to develop my search skills so that I have a balanced blend of automated searching with better use of ….. It may be that you have found a rich source of material via one or other element of social media.

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