Reflective blog entry #2

From the profile:

Write a 1000-word blog entry which reflects upon your progress to date in terms of your intellectual/digital habits and where you have developed some expertise. In terms of your field of work it should offer your current mapping of the intellectual terrain: key/influential players, journals, conferences, sites etc. It should also include an account of what you now see are the current questions in your field of interest.

The criteria:

The criteria to be used in the assessment of Assignment 2 are designed to enable judgments to be made about the extent to which: (a) there is an expansive discussion of the formation of academic/professional identities drawing on personal, theoretical and epistemological underpinnings (b) evidence of application of readings drawn from course materials in Block 2 and wider literature (c) paper is well organized and cogently argued (d) the presentation conventions in scholarly work are adhered to.

The rubrics are here.

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