Rubrics for task 1

The genre is a blog post so the language can be more relaxed than a scholarly paper. References, however, will need to be referenced properly and APA 6 is the style the School has adopted.

As a post it needs to flow, like a good story or narrative.

We did some useful introducing at the workshop but writing a little about yourself professionally and reiterating your interest in pursuing a doctorate as well as the specifics of your research is a good place to start. There is clearly a balance here in terms of writing reflectively, and writing for your course colleagues as audience and me who has to make a judgement about how well you do it.

The self-assessment of practices and needs is just that. You clearly bring a skill/knowledge set to this course and the degree. Thinking about what you are good at and how you think this will be useful in your research work is important to document. So too is what you see as skills/knowledge to develop. These might range from making better use of a particular piece of software1, an aspect of some of the theory behind your work, or even the notion of theory itself, to some of the rules of the game of publishing, for example.

Now, there the materials in block 1 are few at this point in time. So you can draw upon resources from your research to support the story you tell.

The last part of the task description might serve as a useful introduction, i.e. the key questions in the field in which you are working and why they are important.

There are 20 marks to be allocated. This is how they will be:

  • Introduction of you, your research agenda, background, key questions etc. (7 marks)
  • What you bring to the research and what you'd like to develop and improve on (5 marks)
  • How well you structure the narrative overall. Does it flow? Is it accessible to folk who don't know your field? Is it a good blog post? (4 marks)
  • Have you used appropriate referencing materials to support the points you make in the post? Is the referencing in APA 6 style? (4 marks)

And I am painfully aware of the silliness of attaching marks to each of these elements. Read them as signals of things you need to include!

The main thing when writing is to avoid writing in generalities and saying the bleedingly obvious, i.e. I need to improve my writing. We all need to do that! It's the nature of writing. It would be better to say, I want to develop my academic writing that is suitable for the journals I will likely be publishing in.. and name the journals.

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