Reflective blog entry #1

The task description reads:

Write a 1000-word blog entry which introduces yourself to the group. It should include a self-assessment of your current academic practices and needs. It should include an account of what you think you currently bring to the group (skills, background, experience). It should also outline the current focus of your research agenda in terms that a non expert can follow. The focus should include what you think are the key questions being asked in the field in which you plan to work. Your reflective blog must be critically informed by the course materials in Block 1 and other relevant literature.

There are many good illustrations of reflective writing to be found online1. You are the person doing the reflecting and you are reflecting on your current academic practices as well as the skills and knowledge you think at this time in your work you will need.

There is a limit to how reflective you can be as I have tried to explain in the note reflections on reflective writing.

Your piece needs to be written in the context of your own thinking informed by your work so far in this and other courses. It's OK to say this or other courses were not ideal or whatever. The key is to demonstrate you have thought about your own thinking and sense making of what you have undertaken so far. It needs to be written in a style that is accessible to people not familiar with the field in which you are working. You are not expected to have right answers or the correct position. The writing is about where your thinking is at at this time in your research apprenticeship.

The criteria reads:

The criteria to be used in the assessment of Assignment 1 are designed to enable judgments to be made about the extent to which: (a) there is a critical reflexivity of the debates and issues about undertaking educational research (b) application of concepts and theories drawn from course materials in Block 1 and wider literature (c) paper is well organized and cogently argued (d) the presentation conventions in scholarly work are adhered to.

The rubrics are available. It would be helpful to know how useful the rubrics are!

Here is the collection of the 1st task writing in 2016.

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