Finding papers, people, sites, resources

Finding and locating people, important sites and key publications is a crucial skill in academic practice. The ubiquitous use of the Google search engine has meant that the English language has a new verb: to google!

The resources you may opt to deploy for your searching might be classified as Google-based searching and other approaches to searching

We can usefully group searching for things in terms of three headings:

It's often the case that research students tend to focus only on locating papers and books to support their work. It's important however to contextualise useful or key papers by attending to the authors, where they are from, and perhaps, any additional resources they have curated.

It is the easiest place to start in mapping any field, particularly a new one is locating a key paper or two. It's hard to know early on if a paper is key in a field. Sometimes the number of cites might be an indicator, perhaps the academic standing of one of the authors1 may give a clue.

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