Origin resources

Sources in the library

Horowitz, M. C. (2005). New dictionary of the history of ideas. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. This dictionary drew on an earlier work: Wiener, P. P. (1973). Dictionary of the history of ideas; studies of selected pivotal ideas. New York,: Scribner. This is available, open access here.

You can dump out sections of the Horowitz dictionary into PDFs.

Ritzer, G. (2005). Encyclopedia of Social Theory. US: Sage Publications Inc.

A comprehensive compilation. You can download up to one hundred pages from it.

Alastalo, M. (2008). The history of social research methods. In P. Alasuutari, L. Bickmanm, & J. Brannen (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Social Research Methods (pp. 26-41). London: Sage.

Other sources

Another sometimes useful trick is to make use of Google's ngram viewer. There are notes and links about this resource on the Research Kitchen. Ngram viewer gives the frequency of a phrase that occurs in books over periods you can determine.

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