Orientation to the Course

The course is designed to complement your research work in the EdD. The key documents for your work in this course will be your notebooks.

The course is concerned with contributing to your thinking about building your academic identity. It may seem odd to talk about an academic identity at the beginning of your apprenticeship in educational research but the work you do towards establishing your academic identity will contribute to the research agenda on which you are working.

The course will work around weekly themes from which you can take as little or as much as suits your professional needs.

The course will develop based upon a broad agenda and taking into account your particular interests and needs at this time in your research career.

The course is designed to support, go together with, i.e. complement your work in the EdD. This means that it will be as responsive as is humanly possible to the different interests, backgrounds and predispositions of all students while at the same time gently nudging you to adopt some useful habits, if you don't already have them.

As Amabile and Kramer1 wrote:

the secret to amazing performance is empowering talented people to succeed at meaningful work.

This course aims to support you in working towards amazing performance.

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