Mapping Australian higher education, 2014-15

Norton, A. (2013). Mapping Australian higher education, 2014-15. (2014-2). Retrieved from

This is a 104 page report! And no, you don't need to read much of it at all. There is a 2013 version of the report also available from the institute.

If you skim the document some of the visuals give useful indications of trends, like the growth in enrolments of various kinds.

Some questions to ask: Where is the bulk of the data taken from? Look at the pattern of casual academic employment (p. 35). The funding sources are also useful in terms of getting some sense of government involvement, called subsidies, which they are (p. 42). Funding for research is complex and this report does not include recent changes but the broad patterns are indicative of how the dollars flow. Compare the fees for domestic students vs. their international counterparts. Each of the headings are things that the average academic has some mediated contact with. It's a good deal more complex than it once was. How these play out for individual academics is very roughly picked up in the Churchman and King paper.

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