Stowe Boyd
I am made greater by the sum of my connections, and so are my connections.

9:53 AM - 14 Jul 2016

We live in an era where friends, connections, networks, colleagues and so on have become an important element in the professional profiles of many people.

It has never been easier to find people with similar research, theory and method interests. The academy has been exploiting social media to develop and maintain their networks. How well this is done varies a great deal from field to field and then within each field you can find huge variations.

There are a variety of ways you can network. The conventional approaches to networking1 are still valid but they have been significantly augmented by forms of networking that rely primarily on the digital.

You can usefully think about networking in terms of people who share similar or overlapping interests to your's.

Being able to find and trace relationships is part of the logic in building the network of people and ideas that will continue to inform your agenda.

This is a really useful post about actually doing it by Tseen Khoo.

No matter the field, discipline, or industry, if we want to succeed, we must master the networks. Because as the First Law of Success reminds us, the harder it is to measure performance, the less performance matters2.

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