Mike O

My first assignment

My second assignment

So I've decided to update this page to share some info and support the group.

My research topic is about student attendance. I shall be investigating the question “What are the highly successful strategies that improve student attendance in Queensland state secondary schools?”

This will involve cutting data from over 170 state secondary schools to find the schools with the highest average attendance over the past three years. This smaller group (approx 10-15) will be approached to interview, conduct document analysis on to create a series of collective stories to report upon. During this second component I will also be sharing a proposed model for student attendance improvement so that co-creation of a final model can be realised and the published, shared, used - I don't really know. What I hope is that the real, tangible strategies that effective schools in this domain use can be translated and implemented elsewhere.

That's my current plan. Mike.

Hi all

I am just making some sense of this now - slowly. Looking forward to the course!


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