Learning to dance

Coming to social media for the first time might be compared with learning to dance. You are conscious you don't know much and everyone is looking at your feet! The thing to remember though is that while you may come across some amazing dancers, like you, they began with two left feet.

What is interesting is that most or all of the advice about what to do is well intentioned but has largely been written by someone who has forgotten what it is like not to know how to dance.

The rest of this needs some serious curation.

For those who like shopping lists, Andy Miah's A to Z of social media for academics is not a bad thing to peruse.

These need to be sorted and structured a little but for now, just a collection.

Robert Bochnak's blog on social media and higher education.

A useful, if dated piece from the Times HigherEd: All about me, dot com

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