Judith H

Intro…I'm here. I have never used a wiki before and so far things are smooth. Hello to you!
I hope everyone is well and surviving our first burst of a real winter. I am having trouble signing into Slack so decided to do a short intro here.

I work in a large NFP and head up what is called 'practice development'. This means anything to do with professional development, learning and development, organisational development, in-close practice advice, VET pathways and a stack of other 'stuff'. My portfolio takes in residential aged care (often referred to as nursing homes), community aged care (keeping older people at home), child protection, disabilities, mental health and homelessness and a multicultural program.

My work is varied. Sometimes too much so. Today I was involved in meetings ranging in topics from 'sexuality in aged care', the use of syringe drivers as best practice in community nursing, critical incident management in child protection, leaning pathways under the NDIS, risk frameworks at a governance level and a bunch of other stuff in between. The thing is, I am fascinated by the role of learning in all of this…particularly learning in practice…in the heat of it all, in the messiness and confusion, the ambiguity and uncertainty. This is my curiosity, my research effort. Everyday people enact practices. In my context this means supporting people, working with them, adjusting to them, enacting processes and relationships and working with 'things'. I want to know what this experience is like, particularly in child protection and paraprofessional contexts. Anyway, enough of me….
Look forward to hearing from you all.

Here is my writing for the first task.

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