Introduction to resources

A course with this scope and variety of student interests and intentions could generate a very large list of things to read. Our intention is to give you readings that serve to open a topic or issue or theme. We will not bury you in piles of readings but rather expect you to take the initial cue and develop further readings, as your interests direct.

We live in an era in which access to ideas, information and scholarly work is not the problem it was pre the Internet. Yet we have many ways of working that remain premised upon a scarcity of information.

This means that you need to give some thought to how you select what you read, how you do an initial skim reading and then, if the document or site or resource has some value to you that you have a system that will allow you to locate it easily in the context of your design. There are notes about the academic practices of reading, writing and thinking in the practices menu. There are notes about digital habits in the same menu.

The collection here is simply that, a collection. We will make some use of some of these resources. The detail will be in the notes for each week.

Many of the resources are included to give you a starting point as you work on your scholar/idea tracking.

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