How to find your way around

The basics

Two sets of menus: side and top

Links that have pages attached are blue and the mouse pointer changes to a hand and pointing finger when it is moved over the link.

Links that don't have pages attached, i.e. the page does not exist, are burgundy/red depending upon the background colour.

You can use the search option, at the top right of each page, to find pages with the text you are interested in.

Clicking on a tag in the tag cloud will bring up a list of pages that have been tagged with that tag.

There are a lot of navigation links in this wiki.

The simplest is how to get back to the first page on the wiki, the start or home or welcome page.

If you move your mouse over the name of the wiki, Academic Practice, at the top of any page, you'll notice it has a link, i.e. the mouse pointer changes. If you click on that link you will be taken to the welcome page.

There are two sets of menus, the side menu and the top menu. The side menu has items which expand when you click on them. The top menu has drop down items when you click on them.

There is also a bottom menu that looks something like this:

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We will consider the important parts of these various options in the other menu items under How to do things.

Tags can be attached to each page. You can add tags once you have signed onto the wiki. There is a tag cloud also on the side menu. If you click on a tag the wiki will give you a list of the pages that have been tagged with that particular tag.

There is also a translation option if you want to read a page in a language other than English.

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