How to join the site

Early in the course you will receive an email sent to your GU email address. It will be an invitation to join this wiki and wikidot generally. It will look like this but with your name and not Bob Builder! :)

The invitation will come from cj13, i.e. your course tutor.

You won't be able to edit or add pages or tags to the wiki until you have joined.


Click on the red Accept invitation link.

You will then see a page that looks like this:


Click on the create a new account link unless you already happen to have a wikidot account.


You will need to generate a username for wikidot. This is the name that other uses will see when they look at page edits and changes. You will need to generate a password for this account as well.

This is NOT the same as your GU username and password!

Make a note of your username and password.

You will be given a simple piece of arithmetic to prove you are not a bot, i.e. that you are human.

Then click on the red sign up button. You should then see the welcome page for Academic Practice and your name will be at the top of the page, indicating that you have not logged into the site and can add pages, edit pages and so on.

When you return to the wiki at another time and your name is not at the top of the page, it means you need to sign in as per:


The site tends to not remember you after a few days as a security precaution.

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