The Churchman & King paper

Churchman, D., & King, S. (2009). Academic practice in transition: hidden stories of academic identities. Teaching in Higher Education, 14(5), 507-516. doi: 10.1080/13562510903186675

Always a good idea to situate the paper in terms of what it is reporting. The abstract is usually useful for this purpose. Note the disciplines each author is affiliated with. Check out Google scholar. How many cites? What else have these authors published? If they have made their Google scholar profile public, what are their standings like?

From the introduction you can get a sense of the literature they draw upon to situate the study they carried out. If this was your area of interest you'd be silly not to track down some of these sources.

What is the broad thrust of the paper about?

When was the data collected? Is there anything about the data that strikes you?

Two vignettes are offered. Do either of them resonate with your sense of academic identity be it up close or from a distance?

In terms of the binary they establish around the stories being told, the academic side of things and the institutional stories where do the sympathies of the authors lie?

All research is about asking better questions. From what they identified, what are some questions that arise for you from the report of this research?

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