Chris' PCP log week 3

Sitting at my desk with a smile after reading the four reflective pieces. While I have to give brownie points for the task I will enjoy riffing off some of the ideas, questions and observations in each piece. I also was amused at the over the word limit writing1. A good sign (I think). The real joy though is working with folk who can write and think and have interesting agendas.

The tricky balance, for me, in this course is keeping away from supervisory mode even though I made my prejudices about RHD supervision pretty clear in the first workshop. I guess my tangents can be picked up and filed in the third notebook or ignored. The infoscape in which RHD folk work now is tricky. The secure boundaries that kept ideas tidily apart from each other in the main have been largely eroded. So how can you be sure that there is not some crazed economist or light-footed anthropologist exploring your turf? The only thing you can be sure of is that the world, as ever, will not suddenly begin dividing itself into the once neat knowledge domains that existed pre-internet.

Mapping the terrain, not in the dull framing of the oddly mandatory literature review, but in a manner that gives you helicopter views of your turf, is important. How to do it so that it works for you is much trickier.

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