Chris' PCP log in 2019

I'm interested in the notion of learning in public1, or what I have called public click pedagogy, PCP.

The notion is to keep a public account of you tackling something new. It is typically reflective writing. There are snippets of this kind of learning all over the Internet. It appears in blogs, in tweets, Wikis and so on. Learning is very much a matter of secret learner's business. That is, we tend not to share what we do when we learn something new. Learning, or the L-word as I prefer to call it is one of those words that appears almost everywhere and has a broad range of meanings. For the purpose of this course, I am going to try and keep track of what I learn as the course proceeds. There is an old fashioned notion that a teacher is the one who does not need to learn anything but simply helps learners learn what he or she knows. I think we have moved well past that. I take the view that all of the folk in the course bring to the course a set of skills, knowledge and experiences that are important and all of which can help make the course work well for the group and each individual.

I'll do my writing in weekly lots or when I get the time.

Week 3

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