PCP Week 2

I always enjoy face-to-face work with students. Saturday was no exception even though we had a couple of late scratchings. It seems as if most folk know one another but I was particularly keen for everyone to share a bit of their personal stories and in particular what led them to take on doctoral work. The two stories I heard were both fascinating and generous in detail. I learned a lot. I managed, i think, to bring up most of my non negotiables in terms of doing this work and probably tossed in a few more. I was pretty whacked at the end of the day. It was a long one. The challenge for me is catering to the needs of people at very different stages of their doctoral work and all with somewhat different skill sets. It's always a joy to listen to experienced and talented folk talk about their passions and their work. We had quite a few notebook #3 moments. My #3 notebooks are ridiculously large! No bad thing but I probably need to join more dots between what began as different rabbit holes I went down.

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