PCP Week 1

I began reading Ulrich Boser's recent book1 on learning. I'm not a huge fan of self-help books but I have an ongoing curiosity about learning, what I like to call the L-word given that the term is tossed about so lazily in most conversations about education.

I smiled when I came across the point he makes about how useless it is to tell someone how important doing something is. For some of the things I will get this group to do, they will have to take it on trust, suck it and see and then make up their minds about it. If they do just one thing, getting into a notebook keeping routine, I'll be thrilled. They will see the value down the track. It's hard to see it immediately but it's something I have always mandated for any research students with whom I have worked.

Almost all have signed onto Slack and now all are on the wiki. Yay.

I hope at the very least that the wiki will be a useful resource for them, not just for this course but beyond. I've had some feedback from the group last year that affirmed that view.

The thing about teaching, and I am guessing all of this group are highly experienced teachers is that you learn every day you teach. So I am looking forward to what falls out of this course for me. I noticed Danielle's reference to Plato's The Republic and am curious about the connections she makes to her research interests.

And Jude is interested in what I call the L-word! This will be a fun trimester.

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