Chris' PCP in Week 1

I came away from the workshop which went for about 4 and a half hours, no wonder the voice was going knowing I had talked too much. I was pleased with the spirit in which folk took what we had planned and not planned to do. What struck me was the prevalence of what might be called annoying digital stuff that bobbed into view from various folk at different times. There is often a sense that the digital is some kind of uniform experience for all but as yesterday reminded me it is, as William Gibson suggested some time back, the future is here, it is just unevenly distributed.

I think attempts to make things evenly distributed will always be unsatisfying. Idiosyncratic user meets software designed by idiosyncratic developers is a recipe for all manner of cray outcomes.

I'm always in awe when listening to educators talk about their history. The passion, energy and want for a challenge in the group was what surprised me. I need to go back to my notes and consolidate them.

Brendan's question about the reflective writing piece nudged a memory about the work Jen Ross and others have done in this respect. I'll scribble some thoughts about it under writing and link it to the rubrics for the tasks.

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