Academia is a website that is a bit like Facebook for academics. researchers and research students. You can join the site and attach yourself to GU or be an independant, it's your choice. If you check the entries under the university for Education you should find three (or maybe more) places to which you can attach yourself:

a typo: Educationa and Professional Studies

a correctly labelled group: Education and Professional Studies

and a Gold Coast group: Education and Professional Studies Gold Coast

It does not matter much which link you choose. Searching will pick up names or interests regardless of the affiliation.

You can decide how you want to label yourself but postgraduate student will convey to most people what you are doing.

There is a bit of work involved in setting up your account but once you have you can begin searching for your research interests, individuals and even some journals.

When you identify people or interests you want to follow you will receive notifications when there is any new information published by the people of interests you are following. Further, you will get a weekly email with links to recent, popular papers published by the folk you are following.

If you simple click on the A (top left), you will get a list of recent posts and also of papers people you are following who have bookmakred a paper.

Why would you bother joining?

Many users of Academia post their papers to this site. You can easily find students and researchers with similar interests to yours. You can ask questions and you can see who is following whom which can be useful in terms of mapping your terrain.

The software will notify you if anyone chooses to follow you and will also notify you if anyone finds you through a search engine search. It is not restricted to your name but any of the interests or papers you may have put on the site.

The best way to learn about it is to give it a try. It is free and if you sign on and then ignore it, it won't matter at all.

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